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Internship is “Any official or formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession.”

Internships can be paid or unpaid — though, if they are unpaid, they’re usually subject to stringent labor guidelines. In the U.S., federal law mandates that unpaid interns must not benefit the company economically or be used to displace the work done by paid employees. Some states have their own regulations regarding interns. For example, in California, unpaid interns must receive college credit for their work.

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Attachments/voluntary work, Part-time/temporary work, Internships, Placements,

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Entrepreneurial attachments, Student business plans COMPETITION/projects, Self-employment, Entrepreneurship.

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In Bangladesh, Outside Bangladesh, Scholarship, Assistantships, Fellowships, etc

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Career planning and guidance, Job search and marketing skills, Access to up to date career resource materials, Professional development planning Job postings.

Registered Educators Lot's of Educators are benifited From Internship Portal

Objectives We merge Educators,Corporate & Student

The modern concept of internships essentially springs from the medieval apprenticeship, in which skilled laborers (often craftsmen) would teach a young person their trade and, in exchange, that person would agree to work for the teacher for a certain length of time.

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Benifits of Educators Educators. Department. Teacher. Etc.

An university will be affiliated with different kinds of corporate company to facilitated their students for internship. Universities get several benifits from this Internship portal.Some of are given below

1.Validates the university's curriculum in a working environment 2. Improves post-graduation statistics for the university.

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Benifits of Corporate Corporate,Dashboard etc.

The Benefits that can be associated with corporate world are given below.

1. Creates the opportunity to recruit future employees. (In one year, Hewlett Packard recruited 70% of its new hires from its pool of interns 2. Gives the opportunity to evaluate prospective employees virtually risk free. 3. Saves money since an intern receives less pay and fewer benefits than a full-time employee.

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Benifits of Student Internship. Dashboard. Student. Etc.

The Benefits that can be associated with students are given below.

1. Gain exposure to real-world problems and issues that perhaps are not found in textbooks. 2. Cultivate adaptability and creativity in a dynamic world.

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The main difference between an apprenticeship and an internship is that internships are more exploratory. You're not bound to work for your employer after the internship is over (although many interns do receive job offers). If you start early enough to do a few internships throughout college, you can use the first ones to get a feel for what career you'd like to pursue and the later ones to build your experience.

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    concerns with professional digital learning process making learning available anytime, anywhere to reduce learning costs, and ensure virtually interactive on-demand class.

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Career Doctor

    Concern with discovering individual's potentialities and guide to build career according to the identified potentialities through various process.

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    Concern with conducting various career project funded by local government, international welfare bodies & various national & international corporate.

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Professional Training

    concerns with performance enhancement of an individual by increase capabilities into work place to comply their day-to-day works through various workshop & long courses.

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